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The Power of the Mind and Our Ability to Heal

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

Love it! Thank you, Kelly!!

Anonymous picture

If I am sick I have faith with God will heal me.

Anonymous picture

I love the film.

Anonymous picture

Meh on the first half of this film. The second half saved it, because the politics behind our health is important to understand. Big Pharma is a political machine, not a health care product/service provider. I am very into the relationship between the body and soul(mind), energy transfer, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The program was inspiring. I have seen situations of healing with the mind. May you educate yourself!!!

Anonymous picture

It was all well and good until I saw chopra. Quantum consciousness, oh HELL no.

william avatar

Positive stuff.

Anonymous picture

Is this a joke? I clicked Science, Nature, and Technology and the first result is "energy medicine". Load of bullshit.

william avatar

Jokes on you then ?????